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Reviews of Conferences : DIY ( Do it Yourself)

February 7, 2008

One very useful conference on CIX has reviews of some of the 5,500 conferences that exist. John Stean, the moderator of the conference, has given me permission to repost the reviews here.

One popular conference is dedicated to “Do It Yourself” :

As spring arrives and the sun comes out, the primeval instincts in man leap to the fore. In the age old fashion his thoughts once more alight on those humble tools within his abode; the hammer, the angle grinder, the variable speed cordless drill with hammer action, the five gear automatic transmission circular saw and so on, and he sets about the many and varied tasks he must do to repair and improve his dwelling place.

Soon the peaceful sounds of nature are pierced by the buzz of electric motors interspersed with howls of pain as hammer lands upon thumb, or hedge trimmer neatly slices through mains cord, whilst little Johnny steps on a nail left poking through a piece of wood and wood shavings transport themselves into every corner of the house.

At times like these you may find the cix:diy conference to be a valuable resource. There you may find bronzed and wrinkled cixen with grey eyes and a steely grip who will examine your handiwork with a rueful eye and explain at length and in detail which way round to hold the saw and what the benefits of a residual current breaker will bring.

It took me years to find this conference where a router is a different animal to the wotsit that sorts out network addresses, where men are men and know how to saw straight, and everybody can see the beauty in a top of the range pressure washer. Since then, to my surprise, it has turned outto be one of the most useful on CIX.

Highly recommended! Loads of topics.

cix:diy/2wiring – electrical
cix:diy/building_work – the big heavy stuff
cix:diy/chatter – not much. These guys don’t waste their words. Know what
I mean…

Participants: 355
Traffic: heavy

Are you interested in DIY? You won’t be alone on CIX.