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Reviews of Conferences : DIY ( Do it Yourself)

February 7, 2008

One very useful conference on CIX has reviews of some of the 5,500 conferences that exist. John Stean, the moderator of the conference, has given me permission to repost the reviews here.

One popular conference is dedicated to “Do It Yourself” :

As spring arrives and the sun comes out, the primeval instincts in man leap to the fore. In the age old fashion his thoughts once more alight on those humble tools within his abode; the hammer, the angle grinder, the variable speed cordless drill with hammer action, the five gear automatic transmission circular saw and so on, and he sets about the many and varied tasks he must do to repair and improve his dwelling place.

Soon the peaceful sounds of nature are pierced by the buzz of electric motors interspersed with howls of pain as hammer lands upon thumb, or hedge trimmer neatly slices through mains cord, whilst little Johnny steps on a nail left poking through a piece of wood and wood shavings transport themselves into every corner of the house.

At times like these you may find the cix:diy conference to be a valuable resource. There you may find bronzed and wrinkled cixen with grey eyes and a steely grip who will examine your handiwork with a rueful eye and explain at length and in detail which way round to hold the saw and what the benefits of a residual current breaker will bring.

It took me years to find this conference where a router is a different animal to the wotsit that sorts out network addresses, where men are men and know how to saw straight, and everybody can see the beauty in a top of the range pressure washer. Since then, to my surprise, it has turned outto be one of the most useful on CIX.

Highly recommended! Loads of topics.

cix:diy/2wiring – electrical
cix:diy/building_work – the big heavy stuff
cix:diy/chatter – not much. These guys don’t waste their words. Know what
I mean…

Participants: 355
Traffic: heavy

Are you interested in DIY? You won’t be alone on CIX.


Where do cixen live?

February 4, 2008

The majority of CIX members ( cixen ) live in the United Kingdom, however there are a number of expats logging into CIX from around the world. Conference members discuss local topics and can give advice to prospective tourists about things to do and places to see. Here are some of the most popular country based conferences :

Europe is well represented with conferences for France, Italy, Belgium, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.
North America has both conferences for both Canada for the cannucks and Uncle_sam for all things America related.

There are conferences for New Zealand and Australia for the cixen living down under.

cix:Expat a general conference for expats around the world.

Where in the world do you live ? You can join an existing cix conference or you can start your own!

Free stuff available.

January 31, 2008

One very popular conference is cix:free.

Got something to give away ? There’s usually someone who either wants it, knows someone else who might want it, or has got an idea where else you go to give it away.

I was trying to help my father get rid of an old bicycle of mine and while no one was interested in taking it, I got plenty of suggestions on ways to dispose of it including using or looking for something similar to

The latest items for free are :

Palmtop mags, Synergy 2100 or similar rechargeable battery, Several 17″ Iiyama glass monitors, Gnome slide projector magazines, CompactFlash Cards and PDA holster .

There’s lots lots more available, or if you have stuff to give away join CIX for a great place to post it.

Noticeboard conference, Got a question? You know who to ask.

January 21, 2008

One very popular conference is noticeboard. Got a question and you need help ? Post it in noticeboard. Recent questions included

“Anyone got a recording of that brilliant episode of such and such, my recorder packed up and the wife will kill me if we don’t see the last episode”

Anyone got any advice on carpet laying ?

Did England formally declare war over the Falklands.

Anyone know a place that can deliver champagne to someone in Basel, Switzerland. My advice is check . Antonius Lounge will apparently deliver pizza and DVD, they may be able to stretch to a bottle of bubbly.

Top 20 conferences

January 19, 2008

Here’s a list of the top 20 most active conferences on CIX with the number of posts

electronics 181
enquire_within 122
gussets_live! 96
jokes 51
gourmet 43
sasha_lubetkin 31
broadband 30
cars 30 29
diy 28
windows_2003 26
bikers 25
mac 24
photo 24
archers 24
a_and_e 23
windows_vista 23 22
windows_xp 20 20

As you can see there’s a wide range of topics and a high rate of posting. Are you interested in any of these topics? Join up today for a free one month trial.