Popular Post: 30mph speed limit greener than 20mph

There’s been some interesting debate in the cars conference on the subject of speed limits.

30mph greener than 20mph

“The results, calculated by averaging the performances of the two cars, also showed that reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph resulted in 10 per cent higher emissions. This is because car engines are designed to be most efficient at speeds above 30mph.

A motorist who observed the speed limit on one mile of 20mph road during a daily journey would produce an extra tonne of CO2 in a year compared with driving at 30mph on the same stretch.”

What do you think ? Join cix to continue the debate.



One Response to “Popular Post: 30mph speed limit greener than 20mph”

  1. Michael A. Banks Says:

    Reminds me of my favorite gas-saving proposal: coordinate stop lights on major routes through cities so that traffic will have minimal stops.

    If we can lessen CO2 emissions by going asater, I’m all for it.

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