What’s the top discussion today ?

CIX recently launched a new online interface to the forums. If you are a cixen you can access it here.

Sadly I cant show you a screen shot, but the front page has the “Most popular” postings of the day. The top posting today is “Sad and Depression”. Ok, so that may not be what you want to discuss, but it shows the range of discussions that happen in the many thousands of conferences. Other discussions : cover a question on flickr in the photo conference, an upgrade dilemma in the hi-fi conference and Organ Donation in Sasha’s conference.

One of the major attractions of CIX if the use of Off Line Readers (OLR). The ability to download your unread messages to your local PC and read them offline. One of the many advantages of this off line reading is the speed of the user interface , since there is no server to slow down the display.

CIX supply an OLR name Ameol, ( A Most Excellent Off Line reader) There are many others including Polar for Psion, Augur and Parlence that runs on a Mac.


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